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Since 2004, the African American Tours have been taking guests around Richmond to visit sites and places full of historical value yet unrecognized and uncelebrated. Hear unheard stories of bravery and real life drama, from Gilbert Hunt’s valor during a theatre fire on East Broad Street to Henry “Box” Brown’s transport to freedom. Visit monumental yet unheralded sites such as the original dominion of Chief Powhatan and his daughter Matoaca, the shipping docks where African slaves were ferried in and brought into jail, and the parking lot where countless of Africans are buried in unidentified graves.

Discover heart-clenching narratives that you won’t hear from any other tour group, told by a people who have lived in Richmond all their lives, who have seen times that have past, and have carried on a legacy of sharing these stories of freedom, beauty, and human dignity.

For inquiries and reservations, call or e-mail the African American Tours at 804.683.6630 or Visit their website at


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