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Nearly half of the one hundred Hollywood movies filmed in the state of Virginia have been been filmed in scenic Richmond.

The “Where Hollywood Meets History” Tour takes you to the most beautiful spots in the city to learn how films such as Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln, Cold Mountain, and Hannibal were shot at these historical sites with information about Virginia’s rich historical past.

In this award-winning tour, you’ll visit historical sites such as the Civil War Prison Camp as seen in Cold Mountain, the Virginia State Capitol which served as the White House in various movies and TV shows, and many prominent locations where Lincoln was filmed. You’ll also learn how film sequences were shot, how visual effects were done, and Hollywood’s tips and tricks behind the scenes.

The Virginia Film Tour Program was designed to educate people about the history of Virginia through a tour of Hollywood film locations all over the State. It was founded by Helene Wagner, who had spent 30 years in the Hollywood film industry and is currently teaching film and screenwriting in the University of Richmond. The success of this effort is reflected in “Where Hollywood Meets History” tour garnering the 2006 Muse Award, presented by the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts Business Council for Extraordinary Creativity in Business.

“Where Hollywood Meets History” tour is available as a 3-Hour Tour or as a One Day Historical Movie Tour. Reservations can be made only for groups of 20 or more.

For details on rates and schedules and for reservations, email or call: virginiafilmtours@comcast.net or 804-744-1718.

“If you love movies or history, you will love these tours!” – Rita McClenny, Previous Director, Virginia Film Office


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