The Top 10 Sights to See in Richmond, VA

Monument Avenue -richmond

As Virginia’s Capital, Richmond is one of the most important tourist destinations in this region of the country. The city has a long and rich history, being founded almost 300 years ago and having served as the capital of the Confederate States of America during the Civil War. Tourism is one of the most important characteristic of Richmond, with many historic and cultural sights. For those who wish to discover the city and its many attractions, here is a list with the top 10 sights to see in Richmond.

  1. Monument Avenue – This is one of the best examples of Grand American Avenue city landscaping plans. This street houses some of the most important and interesting monuments within the city, making it a great walking tour. Along this avenue, visitors can admire some exquisite monuments, including the statue of Robert E. Lee, the sculpture of Jefferson Davis, the sculpture of Matthew Fontaine Maury, sculpture of Arthur Ashe, statue of Stonewall Jackson and others.
  2. Canal Walk – One of the most interesting walking tours, showing the history of Richmond through interactive exhibits, statues and medallions. Tourists can discover more about the past of this charming city. You will not only discover interesting facts about what makes Richmond unique, but also admire astonishing sights and landscapes.
  3. Virginia Museum of Fine Arts – One of the most interesting museums in Richmond, this art museum opened in 1936 and is operated by the Commonwealth of Virginia, making it one of the first museums in the south to be funded by the state. The collections and exhibits were donated and acquired through the years, being organized into several permanent collections: American Art, African Art, Ancient Art, Art Nouveau, European Art, East Asian Art, Modern & Contemporary and more.
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  4. Byrd Park – A charming park located in Richmond, with exciting areas and attractions along its pathways. The park includes an exercise area, many interesting monuments, an amphitheater and several small lakes: Shields, Boat Lake and Swan Lake. There are also other historic sights, as well as sporting venues and children playing areas.
  5. Black History Museum & Cultural Center of Virginia – This interesting museum represents one of the most important centers for African-American history and culture. The museum is currently preparing to move to a new bigger location. It commemorates the life and achievement of Black people in Virginia, presenting documents, prints, photographs, as well as art exhibits.
  6. Virginia Center of Architecture – It represents one of the few museums dedicated to building and design. This great attraction makes for an interesting visit, with plenty of exhibits that help the understanding of the value, role and influence of build environments. Located inside a beautiful old building, the museum follows the history and meaning of architectures in the daily life.
  7. Richmond Slave Trail – An insightful journey through the history of slave trade in Virginia and Richmond, from its beginnings until the end. Going through these spots full of meanings and sad memories. In the past, Richmond tragically used to be the center of slave trade on the Eastern Coast, with the Manchester Docks being one of the biggest ports of incoming African slaves and continues past slave markets, a jail, commemorative statues, burial grounds and a church.
  8. Edgar Allan Poe Museum – Forms one of the most interesting museums in Richmond, celebrating the time the great writer spent in the city, even if this is not the building he lived in. It is one of the biggest E.A. Poe museums in the world, having a large collection of original manuscripts, personal belongings, letters and many more items. It also documents the life and career of the poet with illustrations and photographs.
  9. Richmond National Battlefield Park – One of the most important sight in Richmond, this large park commemorates the Civil War and the main role Richmond had in this tragic event of the American history. The battlefield park not only presents one of the largest battles, but also features a naval battle, an industrial complex, the largest hospital of the Confederation, defensive fortifications and many more evocative exhibits.
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  10. Metro Richmond Zoo – Located a short distance from Richmond center, the Metro Richmond Zoo features around 1400 animal from over 150 species, making it one of the most entertaining attractions of the city. This private zoo holds many rare animals, including white Bengal tigers, rare primates, American bison and many others. Another attraction is the possibility to feed some species of animals, including the giraffes, as well as some rides and exhibits.
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