Things to do in Richmond Virginia

There’s a lot of things to do and places to visit in Richmond, Virginia. From historic places to sightseeing spots you can visit, you will find something of interest to you. Whether you are a nature lover or history enthusiast, Richmond will satisfy your interests with its array of activities and hidden gems. You’ll stay busy and entertained, while accumulating memories that will last you a lifetime.

Richmond was declared the state capital of Virginia in 1780 and to this day boasts its incredible history. To learn more about this rich history, thousands of tourists visit it from surrounding states and distant countries.

For those visitors that like pristine nature, Lewis Ginger Botanical Garden is an absolute must place to visit. Its lush landscape, beautiful pathways and fresh air – rich with aromas of daisies and roses, makes it one of the most alluring places to relax in Richmond.

For the historian buffs amongst us, a visit to the famous Museum & White House of the Confederacy will reveal a glimpse of the past that lies pristinely preserved in the form of military artifacts. These exhibits ar a reminder of turbulent past and the civil war that helped shape the country into what it is today.

Any visit to Richmond is incomplete without a leisurely walk past the Kanawha Canal, along the James River. You walk should then lead you to Maymont Park where you can enjoy a fun-filled day with your entire family. It is a sprawling public park, covering 100 acres. Within the park is a zoo, an arboretum and beautiful Italian and Japanese gardens. It is perhaps one of the most frequently visited destinations in Richmond and is ideal to relax with a picnic.
Richmond Virginia canals
Black History Museum and Cultural Center of Virginia is another must-see. It documents the significant achievements and the rich heritage of Virginia’s African-American community. There you’ll find some exclusive African art works including artifacts, sculptures and textiles on display.

Visit the Virginia Museum of Art if you’re in the mood to see a collection of European art works. It also happens to be well known for hosting the words of local artists and some great temporary exhibits, so chances are that whatever your art tastes are, you’ll find something that will capture your attention.

In addition to the array of historic sites, museums, and art galleries, Richmond is also a theater, dance and music center. To your itinerary you should consider adding the following stops:

  • Virginia House
  • Edgar Allen Poe Museum
  • White House of the Confederacy
  • Maggie Walker House
  • Virginia Performing Arts Center
  • Science Museum of Virginia

You’ll need a lot of time and energy to explore this historically rich and vivacious city. Start your days early, and pace yourself to leave enough energy to enjoy Richmond’s night life.

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